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I'm opening commissions 'cause I need some money and some points I am a dummy!.
:D (Big Grin) I hope you can help me, commissioning me or  by sharing this information, THANK YOU La la la la

*~Price and Rules~*
~+~ 50 Points ($8) Portrait Lineart 
~+~ 75 Points ($11) Portrait BW

~+~ 100 Points ($15) Portrait colored, no BG

~+~ 150 Points ($19) Portrait colored, with BG (simple)
~+~180 Points ($23) Half body, BW or colored 

Masquerade by effinfabulous A present to a fellow princess by effinfabulous
~+~200 Points ($26) Full body, BW or colored 
~+~ 50 Points ($8) Chibi (transparent BG)
  Chibi Myra by effinfabulous
~+~ 80 Points ($13) Chibi, simple BG
extra character 
 + 100Points  ($15) except for "CHIBI"which is 70Points  ($9)

Star! Procedure Star!
Bullet; Blue - send a Note with  the info, 
- I'll show you a rough sketch before finishing it (you can ask for minor changes).
- Once I'm done with your commission, it is time to purchase/pay.
-  and . . . be patient La la la la 

Bullet; Blue this is for personal use ONLY. Commissioner has the right to crop it for an icon, use at his/her website, print for personal use etc. MUST NOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES
I also reserve the right to post a copy of the commissioned artwork in my deviantart account to give other interested commissioners an idea about how I work. Don't worry, the copy posted will be in lower resolution with a VERY DISTINCT watermark (mine + deviantart's). 

Bullet; Red Payment must be made after your approval of the sketch I show you so I know you like it before I color it.
Bullet; Orange It'll take a while for me to upload them since I can't promise to be online all the time, but I promise I'm working on it. I usually finish the lineart and start coloring the base on the 1st day. Sometimes, I also finish the whole artwork in the same day, but that also depends on whether the real world is trying to catch up with me. :/ 
Bullet; Yellow I'd prefer an image, but can work off of a detailed description. If you want to see a very specific style, please send me an image with the kind of style you want so we could work on it better. ^^

Bullet; Green no more than 3 characters per drawing. It will cost extra for more characters and it all depends on the style of commission.

Will draw:
fanart, Oc's, and real people in anime style

Will not draw:
animals or robots
realistic portraits

Note me stamp by Joyfool
- Commission: (points or paypal)
- e-mail: (pay pal only)
- Style: (very important).
- Info: (all you want me to draw, number of characters, clothes, poses, etc.)
- References: (links of references) :) (Smile)
- Print: yes/no (this is if you want me to set your commission as a print here on dA).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by sending me a note. 

Full Body
Portrait Lineart
Portrait Semi-Realistic
Mariko by effinfabulous
Anime Half-body
Chinky by effinfabulous
Masquerade by effinfabulous


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Submitted on
November 4, 2013


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